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Power Metal [By Wikipedia]

General Description:
Power Metal is a style of Heavy Metal music with the aim of evoking an "epic" feel, incorporating characteristics of primarily traditional Metal along with Thrash Metal or Speed Metal, often within a fantastic or (less often) symphonic context. There is some dispute about the term, which can refer to two different, but related styles: one pioneered and largely practiced in North America, and one based in Germany and Scandinavia. In contemporary usage, "Power Metal" generally refers to the European style, with American band Iced Earth being a notable exception.

European Power Metal:
In the mid-1980s, European bands such as Helloween (Germany) and Europe (Sweden) put even more attention to the melodic development of the songs. Helloween mixed fast speed metal riffs with melodic ones and added Iron Maiden-like powerful vocals, further cleaning the sound. Their albums Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1 (1987) and Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2 (1988) are generally regarded as a milestone of this genre. Subsequently, European-style "Happy Metal" has spread across the continent (particularly to Finland) and worldwide, though it is comparatively unpopular in the United States, United Kingdom and other English speaking countries.
Recently, however, many Power Metal bands have abandoned the "Happy-Metal" sound of their predecessors, and have adopted a more epic sound combined with the Power Metal core. Bands such as Blind Guardian have combined their classic Power Metal sound with an orchestral background as Rhapsody of Fire or Angra have done.

Musical Characteristics:
Power Metal, as the term is used today, places primary importance on an epic sound, usually at high speeds, primarily due to its Speed Metal roots, and with catchy melodies. Whereas most rock lyrics focus largely on "the real world" - personal experience, historical incidents, social commentary, etc. - Power Metal often treats epic, cosmological or metaphysical themes. Many Power Metal songs draw inspiration from religion and mythology, and science fiction and fantasy (especially high fantasy) and they tend to be more optimistic than most Metal lyrics, with powerful and uplifting choruses.
Power Metal vocals are generally "clean", as opposed to the growling vocals that characterise Death Metal, and are delivered by a trained vocalist. Following in the tradition of Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, Power Metal vocalists tend to sing in a high register and often in falsetto. Some singers, such as Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian, record multi-layered vocals reminiscent of Queen. Because of the primary importance of vocals in Power Metal, vocalists can make or break a band of this style and generally do not double as instrumentalists.
Power Metal guitarists and bassists generally play rapid streams of notes, but change chords comparatively slowly, with a harmonic tempo of once per measure or slower. Fast and demanding guitar solos, however, are almost guaranteed.
Power Metal drummers generally play with two bass drums for added speed, often playing a constant stream of sixteenth notes with snare drum accents on the beat. Some bands defy this formula, but it is surprisingly universal.

[Vec dugo se kanim napisati kraci historijat i opis Power Metala, i mozda sam to trebao na samom pocetku postojanja ovog bloga ali eto nekako mi se nije dalo (kao sto mi se i ne da pisati vec neko vrijeme), a u medjuvremenu nadjoh ovaj, iznenadjujuce dosta kvalitetan i sazet tekst na pa eto da bih ustedio svoje vrijeme tekst je samo "zalijepljen" ovdje.]

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Out in the void of the vast
Throughout the torrents of time
Millenniums I had to outlast
Alone in this heart of mine

Built and designed to obey
To keep man alive
Oh, I have failed
Now they struggle to survive

Forever free
Free from the split in my mind
Now I can see
My eyes have been blind
The way of the ways - the line of the lines
My destiny once and for all
Oh Atlantis, I hear your call

I am the one - you are the ones
I will protect you - my brothers and sons
I have returned - to fight this battle
I am the savior - my heart is made
Made of metal

A shadow from somewhere beyond
Is reaching out its claw
Twisting the rays of the sun
My children you ain't gonna fall

I'll raise my blade
The time for reprisal is here
It's not too late
The savior is here
The ancient machine - a million lifes' dream
Protect and serve you all
Oh Atlantis, I hear your call

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